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Vulvas & penises differ greatly in appearance but many people don’t seem to know that. Bing({'})h and the Vulva World Map celebrate diversity. We cordially invite you to dive into the vulvalicious vulva nickname list below, which shows all the beauties we were able to collected so far! At this point, we'd like to thank everyone who shared their knowledge of vulva nicknames with us! Please keep them coming!

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Sharing is caring. And Bing({'})h is an ongoing process & lives from, for and with the many great people such as yourselves who work together to become smarter. There would be no vulva bingo without the lovely nickname donors. Please help us & share your own, too, if it is missing in the Vulva World Map. Furthermore, as we're keen on creating Bing({.I.})h – the Penis Bingo, we also in search for international penis nicknames ♥♥♥

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A list is great, a map would be greater. And a Vulva World Map is on the horizon – in case we find dev compagnons &/ the funding. A language map would be so beautiful for vulva names, but not only for that: A language map has the great potential for us to get to know each other better and at best understand one another. How can such a map not exist?

Until we find a way to create the map, please find a regularly updated list of the beautiful names we learned so far #VivaLaVulva #VivaLosGenitales #MoreInfoLessBullshit ❤️:

Country language NAME original English German
Mambwe people –  Mzuzu in Malawi,east of Zambia & south of Tanzania Tumbuka Choli a meal of beans
Arabisch Nâz niedlich, süß (Babymädchen)
Armenia Armenian Chinne – kleine Muschi (sehr ähnlich an Hexe)
Australia Pink bits
Australia, Melbourne Beef Curtains Beef Curtains Fleischvorhang
Austria fut Fotze (früher auch Hintern, verw. mit alemannisch Füdla = Arsch)
bosnien piçka
Brasil Portugese brasil Buceta
Brasil Borboleta Butterfly Schmetterling
Bulgaria softes, weiches Brot
Bulgaria Minja, muha(NM)a
Caracas, Izla, Maroca (Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela) Cuca Totona (cuca?) vrmtl. Von cucaracha /
Cheque Republic / Tschechien Muslicka (s card!)

s. Spain   Colombia
El Choncho
costa rica panocha, mico
Danemark fisse fisso' (perfect participle, feminine: 'fissa'). It means 'cleaved', 'cut in two (parts
Danemark Kusse
Ecuador ceviche, cevichazo Cold fish soup with lemo Kalter fisch
Egypt Camel Toe ?? Kamelhöcker
el Salvador mico Seidenäffchen
el Salvador cosita cute little thing Süße, kleine Sache
el Salvador cuca Propbably Short form  of cucaracha, Kurzform von Kakerlake
el Salvador conchita muschel?
Ewe people (Ghana) Süden von Ghana Greater Accra & Süden der Volta Region), südliches Togo Kolo
Finnland Pillu Herzen?
France La luna Moon
Georgia (ashole, funny sound)
Germany fotze
Germany Bär bear
Germany Muschi cat Katze
Germany, berlin Stickermaid
Great Britain Fadge
Great Britain chapel of ease Kapelle der Leichtigkeit
Greece μουνί ? auch schnecke
Iran Kos / Kous Vulva / Fotze
Iran > niedlich, süß (Babymädchen)
ireland Vajayjay
ireland Hooha
Italy patata potato Kartoffel
Italy La Bernarda Questionmark Fragezeichen
Italy Farfallina Butterfly Schmetterling
Italy Naples Fessa
Italy Sicily Fissa (fessura/fenditure) ?? fissa = permanent // fessura = slot (Einschnitt, Ritze, Nische) //  fenditure = slit, cracks (Sprung, Riss, Bruch)
Italy pacchio (Panaro) bread basket
Italy Patatina (patata) potato
Italy figa fig
Italy (Brindisi) pizza is slang for vulva, because they fold a pizza slice in half to eat it, and the edge resembles a vulva.
Italy? Sicily cicada? (Zirpe) Zikade
Jamaica Punany 1980s (originally West Indian): perhaps from poon
Japan ビラビラ butterfly Schmetterling, Schamlippen
Japan われめちゃん sweet crack / crack-chan
kazakhstan piroggen
Kroatien dagnjica kleine miesmuschel (miesmuschelchen) wegen der form des Muschelfleisches
Kroatien školjkica kleine Muschel (muscheligen)
Kroatien kokica chicken Hühnchen
Kos / Kous
Vulva / Fotze (aber Erinnerung an Kuss)
Lebanon kiss (farj – more official)
Mexico Chango Monkey Affe
Mexico Aspirina Aspirin?
Mexico Tesorito little treasure
Netherlands Poes cat Katze
Netherlands Pruin (prune) plum? Pflaume?
Netherlands Doos Box box
Norwegen - (ei) dås, dåsa Some kind of box, it's an old word for it, in elder days the box the men put their chew tobacco in was called dåse,
Norwegen - (en) blomst, blomsten flower.
Nyanja (Malawi, Sambia, Simbabwe & Mosambik) Nyini
POLAND Pusia Does not have exact meaning, but it is something sweet and you would like to hug it
POLAND Mysz, myszka Mouse Maus, Mäuschen
POLAND Muszla= seashell, and “sowa,” or owl.
POLAND pochwa, wagina Vagina
POLAND brzoskwinka Peach Pfirsch
POLAND dziurka Löchlein
POLAND norka kleines Loch; Nerz
POLAND szparka Übersetzt google gleich als Muschi; Schlitzchen
POLAND łechtaczka Kitzler, Klitoris
POLAND łono Schoß
POLAND broszka Brosche
POLAND gniazdko Nestchen
POLAND kuciapa ???
POLAND kuciapka ???
POLAND muszelka Muschelchen
POLAND piczka Fotze
POLAND pipka Fötzchen, eher Kindersprache
POLAND Serce kwiatu Blumenherz, Herz der Blume
POLAND srom Vulva
Portugal Cona
Portugal Pomba Pidgeon Taube
Rajasthan, Indien Hindi Wasserpot......wird aber nur in der Phrase, "ich gehe in den Wasserpot und erfreue mich daran", verwendet und nicht als Einzelwort)
Romania pisică cat
Romania place where we
Sit on > nest
Russia Vvimu ? / Vuimv / Vimv ?? (s. Card
Russia Kartoffeltaschen
Serbia писта Street Strasse
Serbia пизда cunt
Serbia Рибица deminutiv of fish
Serbia мачкица deminutiv of cat
Slowenien Muca cat (kleine Katze)
Slowenien Lulika (ist so was wie Mumu)
Spain (toto, papo, conjo)
Spain coño
ic *žena, Sanskrit जनि (jani); Proto-Indo-European *kutnos (“cover”), cognate with cutis (“skin”). The metaphor is identical to the one connecting Latin vulva and English hull, albeit from a different Indo-European root. fotze (Cunnus, latin: cunnus
Spain alu aluminium
Spain dackel
Spain castava chestnut
Spain felpudo doormat
Spain conejo rabbit
Spain almecha clamp
Stuttgart Ätsch
Swahili ( Tansania, Kenia, Demokratische Republik Kongo, Uganda, Burundi, Ruanda, Malawi, Mosambik, Sambia, Komoren, Mayotte, Somalia) Kuma cunt
Sweden Fitta
Switzerland Punami, Mumn, Muschi
Taiwan 妹妹 Ma ma = vagina (> BiBi" & for guy is "GiGi ")
Tansania Kuma, Uke
Tansania Mbunye
Thailand Khunloog Kind der Erde
Turkey Kavun Honey Melon
Turkey Hazne y kleines Ding um etwas zu verstecken
Turkey uva house
Twi ?? Etwe
uk bulge Beule
UK (?USA) fanny (pack) der Po  pl.: die Pos/ , (Brit.) [vulg.] die Muschi  pl.: die Muschis [vulg.]
fanny pack (Amer.)>die Bauchtasche  pl.: die Bauchtaschen
fanny pack (Amer.)>die Gürteltasche  pl.: die Gürteltaschen
UKRAINE КИЦЯ cat katze
USA Chichi Chichi ?Lachendes Gesicht?
USA Cookie Cookie Keks
Vietnam lon can dose
Vietnam diem little bird kleiner Vogel


Let's Talk About abalones, octopuses, cats and courgettes! What do they have in common? That’s right! They’re all creative expressions for the vulva! How so? All of the above are nicknames for "vagina", or to be more precise, "vulva". The vagina is only one of many important parts of the female organ. Didn't know that? Neither did Bing({'})h's inventor Simone Orgel before she started on her exciting expedition through the wonderful world of vulvas. Today, she hopes to share her explorative adventures with all you marvelous Vulverines out there. ...more

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